Blockchain Insights September 2017

We wanted to deliver the latest development from the very new and exciting digital health technology: Blockchain. We sat down with David Shorthouse from Guardtime, and IMT’s Blockchain Thought Leader, to discuss their current work in healthcare and how they are pioneering the use of this technology to secure EHRs on a large scale: 1M records.

Estonia is known to be the most advanced digital society and economy in the world. From e-identity to e-governance, Estonia built a more efficient, rapid and safe system, empowering innovation and future initiatives. Delegations from across the world, both on a governmental and corporate level, organise trips to observe and learn more about this country. Perhaps, more e-governments could emerge over the next couple of years in the European Union particularly as Estonia is leading the presidency of the European Union in 2017.

Healthcare could not escape from the digital wave hitting Estonia. In partnership with Guardtime, the Estonian government build a safer and more interoperable infrastructure using blockchain. According e-estonia.

Each person in Estonia that has visited a doctor has an online e-Health record that can be tracked

In order to keep health information completely secure and at the same time accessible to authorised individuals, the electronic ID-card system uses KSI Blockchain technology to ensure data integrity and mitigate internal threats to the data.”

Blockchain services do not only include patient data management. Guardtime is also developing innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, they are targeting many pain points in this sector among which the inefficiency of the supply chain, the lack of transparency in clinical trials and the issues linked to data transfers. Proofs-of-concept based on blockchain technology are being deployed to improve trust between various stakeholders and insure traceability. Big Pharmas are particularly interested in traceability solutions due to the raising number of counterfeit drugs entering the market.

As partnerships develop to aggregate new technologies and improve the offer of services, numerous countries, companies and health centers express their interest in adopting similar solutions. In May, Guardtime announced an initiative to connect SAP Cloud solutions with the existing blockchain infrastructures. Additionally, in the supply-chain solutions space, a new partnership was announced with Lockheed Martin, the global aerospace, defense, and security company.

With the coming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), expected in May 2018, many European Union governments and corporations start taking a closer look at their data compliance policies. Therefore, the Estonian solution appears like a viable alternative to existing architectures.

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