How to Hire Mobile App Developers in 9 Steps

Discover how to hire mobile app developers with the right skill set for your project, where to look for them and what questions to ask if you don’t want to.

Things to think through

To make such a tough decision you will need some assistance, so we decided to make a manual with the most useful hacks that will help you find the best app developers for hire for your project.

But before you start your search, narrow down the requirements of your app. Here are the things you need to think through about your app:

  • Sign an NDA | It’s clear that you can’t get a good result without a precise description of all elements in your app. Sometimes, customers tend to withhold the details about a project, because of fear that their idea could be stolen. To these ends, a customer and a developer should sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), the document protects all the rights of the owner.
  • Define the purpose of your app | No less important is a purpose of the app (news, fitness, e-commerce, social, messenger, streaming app, etc ) and the features, that should be included in it.
  • Choose main functionality | The Product Owner has to define ‘main’ and ‘secondary’ features. It is better to start with Minimum Viable Product. Because such approach will minimize the cost, time and reduce the complexity of the development. MVP is a nice strategy to start, as you can add functionality after a while and in the and you’ll get your fully-functioning product.
  • Do a research on your competitors | You need to understand what functionality similar apps have. It gives a conception of the most demanded features and how you can avoid mistakes.

Believe me, the preparation stage will significantly save your time (and money). It will also help your development team understand your idea and preferences.

How to hire mobile apps developers
After you have thought through the details of your app, you need to hire a mobile app developer or a team of pros. Let’s consider how to find your super stars.

hire mobile apps developers

Tips to know when you hire someone to make an app for you

#1. Find app developers with appropriate experience and skills

The development of an app is a complicated procedure, and specialists without the required level of knowledge may not fit the criteria. To create faultless and convenient mobile application you should hire mobile application developers, highly-skilled pros in this sphere. Nevertheless, a young development team can work better and with more passion, than the old companies with a healthy body of development languages, as they aren’t able to adapt to the dynamic needs of your business.
There are lots of various instruments, technologies and open source platforms for a mobile app development, which you can easily find. Ask if the app developers for hire know about them and which libraries they prefer (you can find open source libraries on such sites as GitHub and Bitbucket)

#2. Search for the offshore companies to save money

The cost of the mobile app development depends on a range of different factors, such as resources, peculiarities, platform, hourly rate and so on. Because of that, the cost will vary in different countries. So, don’t hire developers in your own country, think about the alternative – find offshore mobile app developers for hire. Thus, you have a chance to create your app at a very affordable price. Moreover, you will not only save some cash but also get real professionals. For example, the hourly rate of an experienced freelancer from Sidney, Australia is about $140. When the hourly rate of an experienced Ukrainian developer is only 40 – 50 dollars.
But don’t forget to conclude an agreement before you hire a developer from offshore and make sure that you note every payment before he or she starts working on your project.

#3. Prioritize quality more than the cost

Every project has a fixed budget however, the low-cost option can become even more expensive over some time. Yes, you can find a really cheap app developers for hire, but will it bring you desirable results? I doubt it. Never compromise quality to save a few bucks!
Check if the development company you want to hire tests apps on various devices, different screens sizes and versions of Operating System, to confirm the compatibility with all devices. This aspect reflects the attitude of a company to the quality of a product. Ask them to explain how they perform beta testing and how fast they fix bugs.

#4. Check the portfolio

See the portfolio of previous projects. The portfolio demonstrates developers’ skills. For instance, in a portfolio, you can check what type of apps they create, what mobile platforms they cover, clients’ feedbacks and the technologies they use. If they created apps, which are available on Appstore or Google Play, make time to download and test functional capabilities of these apps. Pay attention not only to the design but also to the value of an app, see how your app development can benefit with this team based on the skills and experience of the developers for hire.
The research on all these questions helps identify the qualification of a team.

#5. Communicate

If you choose an offshore company, the communication becomes a vital part of your everyday business relationships. Make sure that there are no such obstacles as language, time zone, different communication tools or any other issues. To check if it’s easy to reach your team try to contact them via email or chat. It would be even better if you make a phone call to the company.

#6. Discuss your budget and time terms in advance

The cost of a mobile app development can vary from a few hundred bucks to dozens of thousands. If you have little experience in a development sphere it’s highly unlikely you can make a precise estimation of your project. Set a budget according to your needs, be realistic. Then, set clear time frames. An experienced team can calculate the optimal time of the task performance with risks. Including this information in the agreement, you protect yourself from overbudgeting or time frames violation.

#7. Ask your team to check the business strategy of your app

It’s clear that you create an app to make money, that’s why you have to find out what strategy and features will work seamlessly. Discuss the most profitable monetization strategies when you hire a mobile developer.
Remember, business strategy should include such things as Marketing, purpose, niche of the app, target audience and the functionality to attract this audience.

#8. Look for developers, who can guide you

A really good team can not only develop smooth applications but also focus on the needs of their customer to make the app even better. If a team can suggest you some good technical solutions you should take it into consideration.

#9. Look for a long-term, reliable vendor

The mobile app development is a long-term process, that can take from about a few month to a few years. The process itself includes multiple stages and doesn’t stop after the release. To perfect the product, it needs to be in use for some time, to get as many users’ feedbacks as possible. After the processing of the feedback, a developer can file down the app, add new features and cut down the functionality users don’t need. So, the long-term relationships are a must, as you will need the developers’ help during the whole lifecycle of your application.

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