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Advancing healthcare through technology

Digital health is the umbrella term that covers the technologies merging with healthcare. Digital health includes artificial intelligence & machine learning, telemedicine, medical wearables, virtual & augmented reality, blockchain and robotics. Amongst others, these tools improve disease diagnosis, enable disease prevention, allow remote monitoring of patient, data security, precision medicine and the reduction of healthcare costs.

IMT is a digital health incubator enabling the development of digital solutions for healthcare organisations and running professional digital health mentorship programmes. Our mission is to foster innovation in digital health, with the aim to advance healthcare and help patients. 

We help companies:

  • Innovate – through our Academy and Incubator which consist of digital health training courses, hackathons and challenges and entrepreneurship programmes.
  • Grow – by building and executing strategy plans in digital health, pharma and regulations.
  • Be seen – promote your healthcare vision by leveraging our global footprint and supporting those initiatives that aim to advance the field of medicine and care.

Our training programmes and startup environment help participants and companies build and shape their entrepreneurial mindset and skills. We empower you to create the next generation of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and future adopters of medical technologies.

We are proud to count the largest digital health expert newton in Europe and to have the leading minds in digital health innovation as our friends and partners. We look forward to receiving you to the digital health family, and working with you for a better healthier future.

Welcome to IMT


IMT’s team is the soul of the company and the master minds who make the magic happen. We pride in being passionate about digital health.


Our partners are organisations who share the same goal with us, to advance healthcare through technology.


We love to answers your questions, and to discuss new ideas and partnerships so do get in touch for a chat or free demo for your company.

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