IMT News Bites 15 January 2018

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IMT’s Latest Article

Shiva Gopal Reddy’s article on the use of VR/AR to transform how medical images can be visualised was newly published on IMT’s website, here is the link. This article details the impressive work of VR used to aid the separation of conjoined twins. Not only is this a promising method of cutting healthcare costs but it also appeared to be make significant, useful and much needed adjustments in the surgical procedure as doctors were able to translate 2D images to holograms to produce step-by-step surgical plans and store this data.

In Other News

The Royal Society of Medicine’s Student Section

Will be running their annual ‘Student Policy Initiative Conference’ this weekend. This year’s conference is looking at improving innovation in the medical school curriculum, here is the link.

Medical students will also have the opportunity to explore and contribute to these topics by participating in policy writing workshops, from which a citable report will be published. Speakers on these days include IMT’s very own CEO, Dr Cristina De Juan.

Prices are £40 for members and £50 for non-members. This includes admission to Saturday and Sunday and lunch/refreshments throughout. Please note that they can only admit medical students and to be recognised as an author delegates must be able to attend both days.

Digital Health Innovations at CES

The annual and unmissable trade show, CES just happened in Las Vegas where innovators from across the world displayed some of the most innovative and fascinating consumer technologies of recent years, from wearable UV sensing devices, courtesy of L’Oréal to Techcrunch’s smart running shoes which track distance, stride length and cadence.

Though a large and diverse variety of products were showcased, digital health innovators offer a myriad of devices and technology: mouth guards that detect concussion, wearable monitors that auto-track hydration levels and emotional state as well as an AI toy duck that comforts kids with cancer are just some of many of the novel products on display, here is the in-depth overview of the event – article.

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