IMT Newsletter 1 May 2018

We are very excited to invite you to the ‘Infusion Day’ Hackathon we have been working on with Roche Products Limited. We’re looking for 6 teams to develop solutions that could address the challenges facing healthcare today… do you think you have the ideas, innovation and creativity to compete and try to win £5,000 as a team?

To view the full hackathon challenge, rules and prize information, as well as applying for your place, please register here by Friday 11 May, as places are limited.

The Challenge
Teams will work against the clock, over the weekend, to develop innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by patients receiving infusion medicines; from preparing for the infusion day to networking with other patients. If you’re not a healthcare expert don’t worry. During the weekend, you will have the chance to attend Mentor Clinics with healthcare professionals, technology and business experts, to gather insights and feedback from experts to help shape your ideas/solutions.

The Prize 
There is one overall prize fund of £5,000 for the team that the judges deem to have developed the ideas/solutions that will have the biggest positive impact on a patient’s experience when receiving an infused medicine.

Due to the involvement of prize funds, it is unfortunately not possible for Healthcare Professionals (HCP) or Other Relevant Decision Maker (ORDM) (as defined by the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry) to participate in the hackathon. RXUKNONP00476 – April 2018. This is a non-promotional meeting organised and funded by Roche Products Limited.

Register Now

Our Latest Article on Blockchain

Blockchain is the industry buzzword you hear every other minute. How exactly does it help a patient in having better healthcare? It’s the healthcare industry which is leveraging the blockchain at a faster rate than any other industry. Check our latest article on the 5 Ways Patients Can Benefit from Blockchain here.

More Opportunities

Bayer G4A Accelerator 2018

4 to 6 companies will be selected to join the G4A Accelerator in Berlin during 3 months. Each company will receive 50k euros and mentoring and coaching from C-Level from Bayer and other experts.
Bayer G4A is looking for digital health solutions in the areas of Women’s Health, Cardiology, Neurology as well as Digital Therapeutics, AI for R&D, Virtual Trial Applications, Blockchain and Physician and patient engagement solutions.
Check the G4A website for more info and submit your application by May 31st. Reach if you need any help.

UCL Industry Club – Genomics Insights 9th May 2018, London

It is an exciting time for the use of genomics in healthcare. The ambition of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy is for genomic data and other datasets are used to improve the discovery and targeting of therapies and to ensure that patients obtain more precise and useful diagnostic information in a range of disorders.
Collaborations will be essential to achieve this vision. Join the UCL Institute of Digital Health’s Industry Club to find out about new developments, opportunities and to meet potential partners. Register here.

Speakers:– Prof Aroon Hingorani, UCL Chair of Genetic Epidemiology and Honorary Consultant at UCL Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science Director
– Dr Reecha Sofat, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Clinical Epidemiology, Institute of Health Informatics
– Joanne Hackett, Chief Commercial Officer, Genomics England

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