What Are the Real Use Cases of Blockchain in Healthcare?

Blockchain in Healthcare Master Class

There is a lot of talk about the possibilities of using blockchain in healthcare, but what is actually being done?

We have some answers for you in our next master class this October 10th with Glen Ogden General Manager Health of Guardtime. Guardtime has been using blockchain to secure EHRs with the Estonian government  and has now started working with pharma.

Glen will talk to us about what’s really possible (no hype) with blockchain in Health. The presentation will cover a demonstration alongside the real use cases in life science / pharma / payers etc.
Don’t miss our Early Bird tickets!

Blockchain Library

Since we are in the subject we thought we will remind you of our free module on blockchain and all of our articles . Here is the link.


AI Can Now Detect Eye Disease
Delighted about the results of the work between our faculty member and regular speaker Pearse Keane and Google DeepMind published in Nature Medicine this week. Using deep learning architecture with OCT scans, the system was able to make referral recommendations that reached or exceeded that of experts.

Women in Healthcare
A report by Rock Health showed that the percentage of women CEOs of funded digital health startups, as well as the percent of women VC partners, stands around 10-12%. The report also highlights the benefits of a gender-balanced management team. McKinsey had already reported that closing the gender gap could realistically add £150 billion in GDP in 2025 in UK alone. Here is the link to RockHealth’s article.

GSK and 23andme Partner
We are very excited about the potential of this partnership. GSK’s vision has included  the development of personalised and precision medicine and this partnership presents the opportunity to realise that. Development of precision drugs or drugs for rare diseases has been slowed down by the lack of large data sets of DNA information. 23andme’s 4 million datasets could change that. Let’s wait and see. Here is the press release.


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