Brandcast Health: Investing in precision medicine and facilitating growth in digital health

Investing in precision medicine and facilitating growth in digital health.

Cristina De Juan, PhD, CEO at Innovatemedtec Ltd, talks to us about her involvement in a startup, which aims to facilitate healthcare innovation internationally. The connections built through her startup work has allowed her to lead Health 2.0 London, which is part of a global movement to create a growing community around digital health. Her website Innovatemedtec already has an international presence and is focused on creating a global community platform to facilitate growth in the digital health sector. She mentions ‘Antidote’, a startup which acts as an online platform where patients can search for clinical trials, assess themselves and judge if a trial would be helpful depending to their illness. This type of innovation provides patients with ownership over their own healthcare. Collaborating between the technology and healthcare industries allows movement to occur quicker and more effectively. Dr. De Juan provides the example of machine diagnoses, something she feels will be very powerful in the future of healthcare.

See the full video interview by BrandCast Health here.

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