The Rise of Medical Entrepreneurs

In January 2017, Dr Ahmed launched Barts X Medicine, the UK’s first medtech programme for medical students at Barts and The London Medical School.

MT partnered with Barts Medical School to deliver Barts X Medicine, the first digital health course for medical students, launched in January 2017 in London. IMT’s CEO Cristina De Juan also mentored the team of medical students who won the course’s prize. Read BMJ’s article below.

A total of 120 third year medical students enrolled on the pilot four month module, which covers how the latest health technologies, including artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, and augmented reality, are being used in healthcare.[link]

Participants work in groups, supported by mentors, experts, and successful entrepreneurs to develop and pitch ideas for innovations that have the potential to improve patient care and aid patient and student education.

On 24 March 2017, five teams of students were invited to present their ideas to a team of judges at the BMJ, with the winning team receiving a place on the BMJ mentorship programme, which involves technical, marketing, and commercial support for three months.

Winning team: OSCAR

The winning team from the BMJ judging day are Veda Kuvda, Hasaneen Fathy Al Janabi, and Abhrajit Giri, whose app, OSCAR, aims to revolutionise how students prepare for clinical placements.

Users of OSCAR will be able to take a photo of their own body parts using their smartphone and the app will superimpose further information (pathology, video, and audio clips) about diseases and presentations relevant to the specific area of anatomy.

The team hope to develop the app so that virtual reality headsets and haptic gloves can be used to mimic the sights, sounds, and feel of what students can expect to experience on the wards.

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