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The use of blockchain is a an upcoming trend with promising solutions in healthcare. This is due to the ability to have a trustless collaboration between participants while recording an immutable audit trail of all interactions.

In this master class, we are delighted to welcome Glen Ogden General Manager Healthcare for Guardtime as our mentor. Guardtime is the company securing EHRs using blockchain for the Estonian government, and pioneers in this field.


Glen will talk about what’s really possible (no hype) with blockchain in Health. The presentation will cover a demonstration alongside the real use cases in life science / pharma / payers etc.

Our class will include a presentation, group discussions on the topic, and extensive networking opportunities. A detailed agenda will be shared with the attendees. Before the event, you can submit questions that you’d like to be addressed during the event, from the challenges you are facing to feedback on your plans and ideas.


The master class will take place between 6.00 – 8.00 pm on 10th October 2018 at WeWork South Bank.

This master class will consist of a small group to maximise the chances of learning and discussion.  You’ll have your questions answered, challenges discussed, and will go away with new ideas.

We are very proud to have this expert in our master class and we hope you can join us!


Glen Ogden, General Manager Guardtime Health.

Glen is bringing Guardtime’s KSI technology to healthcare markets, by designing, building and selling the next generation of blockchain based data driven health care, encompassing an immutable patient care record with GDPR compliant patient consent and seamless secure data exchange between EHR systems.

This master class is part of our digital health training courses by the IMT Academy. Be part of the conversation; join our master class!


The Master Class is now sold out but you can still join online!


  1. If you buy an online ticket, can you watch it back after the session?

  2. Can I view the video stream after the event ? Where is the link /payment option?

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