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Deep-dive into the Longevity Industry reveals how AI, deep learning tech and science are inspiring fight against aging, and disrupting healthcare.

The Global Longevity Consortium, an amalgamation of the Biogerontology Research Foundation, Deep Knowledge Life Sciences, Aging Analytics Agency and Longevity.International platform, have released a landmark 650-page analytical report on the Longevity Industry, titled Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Volume II: “The Business of Longevity”, which profiles hundreds of Longevity companies, investors and major players, and summarises an extraordinarily vast and complex landscape into a single comprehensive framework.

Additionally, the report gives a detailed overview of the history of the industry over the past several decades, charts its present-day landscape, and forecasts its future over the next five years. It discusses the major roadblocks facing the industry, and what measures can be taken in order to optimize the fair and rational valuation of its constituent companies in order to avoid a Longevity bubble. Readers can access the full report freely online, or study a shorter Infographic Summary to gain a quick overview of the report’s key themes and trends.


Co-author and editor of the report Dmitry Kaminsky has commented:

“Aging is the ultimate evil. To invest in Anti-Aging technologies is the most ethical business, and to donate to longevity research is the most effective form of altruism. The future of the longevity industry not only has the logical potential to become the wealthiest industry in all of history, but also represents the most ethical way of doing business.”  – Dmitry Kaminskiy, Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures and editor of the report “The Business of Longevity”.

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