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Why Healthcare Enterprise is Betting High on App Development?

Dull, ailing faces of patients and long queues used to be common sights in a hospital or a clinic in the recent past. With rising consumerism and technological innovations, the global healthcare sector is changing rapidly.

Wearable Technology to Minimise Injury Risk

Injuries are part of life, and a risk for anyone who plays sport or exercises. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete or a part time gym user, all it takes is an unfortunate fall or wrong movement, and you can be on the sidelines for an extended period of time.

Infusion Hackathon 19 & 20 May London

We are very excited to invite you to the ‘Infusion Day’ Hackathon we have been working on with Roche Products Limited. We’re looking for 6 teams to develop solutions that could address the challenges facing healthcare today… do you think you have the ideas, innovation and creativity to compete and try to win £5,000 as a team?

What Does the Future Hold for Medical Robotics?

In the future, it is likely that every surgeon will be accompanied by a robotic assistant making operations safer, faster and more hygienic.

The healthcare sector is in the midst of a robotic revolution that will prove crucial in an age of austerity, ageing and expanding populations, and medical staff shortages.

A Collection of Potential Use Cases for Blockchain in Healthcare (II)

So, how is blockchain being used to solve problems in healthcare? What are the benefits and pitfalls of applying blockchain to healthcare?

This is a list and description of white papers that investigate the relationship between blockchain technology and its use in health IT and/or health-related research from the cryptography and underlying fundamentals of blockchain technology, to recommendations for blockchain implementation.