Digital Health Academy

We run courses and mentorships programmes to provide leaders and organisations with the knowledge and tools to innovate in digital health.  

The Academy is crafted by world-leading professionals in the digital health space including entrepreneurs, futurists, technologists, and investors. At IMT, we focus on the future of healthcare. This means providing relevant resources and opportunities for those with a passion for digital health. You are the future, the innovators and the disruptors – we want you to make the difference.

There is an enormous amount of talent from both the tech and healthcare sectors keen to address issues in healthcare, however with no formal training and so few resources available, those who have an interest in digital health are unsure of where to turn to for information and guidance. There is a gap in education and we are filling it with the IMT Academy. We want to change the system by providing individuals with access to the right knowledge and tools as well as one of largest digital health communities to encourage networking and collaboration.


We aim to accelerate the advancement of healthcare by empowering people through knowledge about digital health and the tools to pursue their ideas. Therefore, creating a generation of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and future adopters of medical technologies.


  • Understanding the concept of exponential medicine and future medical technologies
  • Recognise emerging trends across the industry
  • Understand how to manage and adapt technology initiatives to healthcare
  • Build skills and acquire the tools necessary to start a career in digital health
  • Network with the drivers of digital health initiatives, commercial and otherwise


Master Classes

Learn about digital health with our master classes. Get ahead with digital health training and courses with the IMT Academy.

Evening Events

We have run over 40 digital health events in London in the last few years. Over 3,000 attendees have participated in our events and make up the largest digital health network in UK.

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