The Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) course is designed for medics and healthcare professionals entering the digital health market.

Our course provides insight into the technology and tools available as well as a deeper understanding of how digital health is applied to clinical practice and how entrepreneurship functions in the space.

Together with an internationally renowned faculty, we have designed a curriculum that will create an immersive learning experience for you to kick-start your digital health journey. From pioneers in the field running your classes to networking events – we provide support from the start to the end of your digital health chapter with us. This course is conducted in small groups to maximise your learning potential.

Modules to be covered in the HCP Training Course:

The Digital Health Ecosystem  – Understand the definition, background and current ecosystem of digital health and emerging trends in the industry.

Digital Health in Clinical Practice – Learn about the digital health tools used by patients and healthcare professionals and examples of effective adoption of these tools in the clinical space.

Wearables and Sensors – Understand how to effectively use wearables and sensors to track chronic diseases and the value of the gathered data.

Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality in Healthcare – Learn first-hand about the role of VR in the clinical setting and how it is being used in stroke rehab, wound care, and the theatre.

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Discover the tools that are redefining how we prevent, predict, diagnose and treat disease, the legal and regulatory implications of the technology and its impact on global business models.


Intensive 6-hour course.


Designed for healthcare professionals, no prior digital health experience required.


Get Ahead in the Ecosystem

  • Deep dive into digital health, the latest technologies and emerging trends.
  • Understand how to manage and adapt technology initiatives to healthcare.

Understand the Market

  • Understand the concept of exponential medicine and future medical technologies.
  • Get started in AI, ML, VR, AR and wearables and learn about emerging trends.
  • Learn from experts about the use of these tools in pharma and by medical professionals in healthcare.

Gain Skills and Tools

  • Learn which digital health tools are available and how they are being used by patients, in clinical trials, drug development teams, the NHS and more.
  • Get to know the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) relevant to your company and therapeutic area.

Stay Informed & Build Relationships

  • Gain access to the electronic resources and materials from the course and 1-year free subscription to IMT.
  • Network with our community of healthcare innovators, the largest in Europe, and leading digital health organisations.


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