The Startup Bootcamp course is aimed at individuals and teams in the development stage of their digital health project or company.

With the help of our experienced faculty, who hold extensive academic and practical knowledge in the field, we have designed a curriculum that provides a curated toolkit to get you ahead in your startup journey.

This course is conducted in small groups to maximise your learning potential, and for us to be able to give personalised feedback on your product. From business plan writing, to investment and legal considerations, our hands-on approach prepares participants for the business world of tomorrow. Join us today and bring your partner/cofounder for free.

Master Classes to be covered in the Startup Bootcamp:

The Digital Health Ecosystem – How does your startup or idea fit in the digital health industry? How does it add value to patients, and to clients? What is your growth model?

The Winning Business Plan – A business plan is the document that describes your business and sets out the plan to develop and grow your company, from the problem you are solving, to the uniqueness of your solution, your team, and your financial projections.

Pitch to a digital health Venture Capital – If you want to take your business to the next level, you might want to consider bringing venture capital on board. We help you create the perfect pitch.

IP and Legal Considerations – The intellectual property (IP) of your idea is critical to your success. Is your invention already patented by someone else? Do you need to file a patent for your software solution or data algorithms?


10 hour course.


Building a startup or in the process of setting one up.


Get Ahead in the Ecosystem

  • Deep dive into digital health, the latest technologies and emerging trends.

Learn About Business Plans and Sources of Funding

  • Experienced faculty shares experience and advice into writing a successful business plan.
  • Understand your Unique Selling Point (USP) and consider your customer and sales tactic.

Gain Insights into Raising Capital

  • Hear from investors on what a venture capital firm is looking for, and recommendations on the important factors when building a company.
  • Understand your options for raising capital.

Keep Up to Date with Legal Considerations

  • Understand the legal requirements and considerations of your idea, from patents to privacy.
  • Hear from lawyers on about the stage that these factors need to be taken into account.

Build Relationships

  • Network with our community of healthcare innovators, the largest in Europe, and leading digital health organisations.

Stay Informed

  • Get access to electronic resources and material from the course, including a 1-year free subscription to IMT.

Testimonials – What our community is saying

Cristina and IMT’s commercial knowledge of the digital health market is clear and throughout the workshop, Cristina translated this into practical, actionable takeaways for us to apply. It was an incredibly valuable use of our time.

Great event with lots of interesting people. Good opportunity to chat to entrepreneurs in a relaxed environment.

Through the IMT Academy’s Startup Bootcamp I gained new insights into the VCs’ mind and the IP Rights, key knowledge for a digital health startup. I also formed supportive relationships with peers and new partnership opportunities.

Thank you so much for organising the bootcamp last week. It was a really nice event, the presentations were very good.

Great collaborative event with informative lively speakers. A very motivational bootcamp!

Thanks so much for Tuesday, it was very useful and nice to be part of your community now, would certainly love to come to future workshops.

Pictures from the StartUp Bootcamp on the 11th and 14th of July 2017