Blockchain in Healthcare

What is blockchain? How can distributed ledgers ensure integrity and security? And how can it be used in healthcare?

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This is what 2 world-pioneers in the field will talk about on our master class on March 14th. Dr Robert Learney from Imperial College, and David Shorthouse from Guardtime. Blockchain promises to change the future, and 2017 could be its year in healthcare.

Guardtime is working with the Estonian government to secure 1 million EHRs using blockchain. Imperial has been leading the way on the research of this tech in healthcare.


The master class will consist of speaker presentations, in-depth conversations on the topic, group sessions, networking and post-event activities.

Dr Robert Learney, the co-founder and Associate Director of the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering, will talk about ‘Patient Chains and Data Liquidity’.

David Shorthouse, from Guardtime, will give us an in-depth overview of ‘Blockchain usage in Estonian Healthcare’.

We are very proud to have these 2 incredible pioneers in our master class and we hope you can join us!


The master class will take place between 9.00 – 11.00 am on March 14th 2017. Breakfast will be provided.

Our class will include a short presentation by the speakers, small group discussions on your topics, and extensive networking opportunities. A detailed agenda will be shared with the attendees.

Before the event, you can submit questions that you’d like to be addressed during the event, from the challenges you are facing to feedback on your plans and ideas.

Some of the topics we will cover are: what are the opportunities and barriers of this technology in healthcare? Are the costs for development and for switching to this too high?

Be part of the conversation; join our master class.


Dr Robert Learney, Associate Director of Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering at Imperial College London

Dr. Robert M. Learney is a practicing medical doctor with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and an Associate Director of Imperial College’s Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering. He has tutored students and guided projects in the field of blockchain technology for over 3 years now, some of which have gone on to form startup companies in this exciting new area. He has been invited to speak on behalf of the Centre at the European Parliament, at the Impact16 Fintech conference in Poland, and at NHS Expo 2016. He is also an active member of the UK Government’s specialist round-table in this subject

David Shorthouse, Product Manager at Guardtime

David is a engineer by background with training in mathematical, computational and electrical engineering. Before joining Guardtime he worked in the financial sector for many years most notably in the areas of investment banking, derivatives and insurance. He is now actively engaged in the exploration and exploitation of blockchain technology across the commercial sectors.


The Digital Catapult will kindly host this master class.

Pictures from the Master Class 14th March 2017

Interviews with the Mentors

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