Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Virtual Reality is revolutionising healthcare. The simulation provides hands-on experience for medical students in training, helps overcome trauma and assists with pain management.

During our master class, learn first hand about the role of VR in wound care, in the theatre, in the clinical consulting space and more, from Dr Keith Grimes, a GP who has used VR with his patients and who has a passion for digital health, innovation and technology. Keith will also share the opportunities and blocks to scale the technology within the NHS.


The master class will consist of presentations, challenging discussions, Q&A with Keith, networking and post-event activities. Breakfast will be provided. You’ll meet others in the field, have your questions answered, challenges discussed, and will go away with new ideas, and powerful connections.

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Dr Keith Grimes

Dr Keith Grimes, GP at Eastbourne Hailsham and Seaford CCG

I am a UK based General Practitioner, with a special interest in Urgent & Unscheduled Care, Musculoskeletal medicine, and Sports medicine. I’m also the founder of VR Doctors! My abiding passions are Digital Health, Innovation and Technology. I have been involved in the creation and delivery of innovative clinical services such as the award nominated Roving GP service in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex. More recently I’ve been privileged to work with the Digital Health and Care Institute, NHS Fife, and Glasgow Caledonian University on the award winning MyLittleOne (MLO), a neonatal intensive care camera/tablet system. I am a strong believer in the ability of IM&T to not only support and augment the delivery of Healthcare in its current form, but also in the need to radically review existing structures and perceptions of how care can be delivered Globally.


The Digital Catapult will kindly host this master class. The Digital Catapult is a government-backed innovation centre helping to grow the UK’s digital economy (and has some of the best views in London!).


The master class will take place between 9.00 – 11.00 am on February 2nd. Our class will include a short presentation by the speaker, small groups discussions on your topics, and extensive networking opportunities during and after the event. A detailed agenda will be shared with the attendees.

Before the event, we will ask you to send us questions that you’d like to be addressed during the event, from the challenges you are facing to feedback on your plans and ideas.

Breakfast will be provided!

Pictures from the Master Class 2nd February 2017

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