Innovation Sprints

IMT Sprints are design sprint-like events where programmers, designers and subject-area experts work together intensively to come up with digital tech solutions.

Benefiting from the largest digital health expert community in Europe,  IMT brings you digital health innovation solutions to help you enhance your customer value.

Digital health, the merge between healthcare and technology, is transforming the way healthcare is delivered and managed. The healthcare industry now has an opportunity to incorporate  digital health technology into the patient journey.

We have spent the last 4 years developing our network. From programmers to designers, healthcare professionals, business developers and subject-area experts, our community includes the top digital health influencers in the world.

We work together with you to come up with digital health solutions for your customers’ and patients’ pain points, and we carefully select experts from our community tailored to your specific challenges

CASE STUDY  ‘Infusion Hackathon’ May 2018

The Challenge

We worked with Roche Products Limited to develop innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by patients receiving infusion medicines; from preparing for the infusion day to networking with other patients.

During the event weekend, the teams had the chance to attend Mentor Clinics with healthcare professionals, technology and business experts, to gather insights and feedback from experts to help shape their ideas/solutions.

The Solutions

The 5 teams worked tirelessly for 2 days to develop digital health solutions for patients receiving infusions and the results were inspiring. The teams pitched to a panel of judges from the NHS and Roche and all the teams delivered professional pitches that showcased a range of technologies spanning Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Chatbots & Virtual Reality.

The Prize

There was one overall prize of £5,000 for the team that the judges deemed to have developed the ideas/solutions that will have the biggest positive impact on a patient’s experience when receiving an infused medicine. This was a non-promotional meeting funded by Roche Products Limited.

The Teams

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